SubSonic 2.0 Beta 3

Made another attempt to update the current project I am working on from SubSonic 1.0.6 to the newly released 2.0 Beta 3. The issue I had with Beta 1 is gone. Great job.

As a public service, these were the things I needed to do for the update.

  1. Move the attributes of the SubSonicService tag down to the provider tag, apart from the defaultProvider and templateDirectory attributes.
  2. Specify the generatedNamespace. I did not do so for this project, and it seems like it stops the generated code from compiling as the namespace is left blank.
  3. Because of 2), search for using SubSonic; in my codebehind files and replace that with using <MyNamespace>;.
  4. Copy the new DLLs into the bin directory.







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