• LibreELEC 10, Raspberry Pi and Crashing

    So, I recently switched my HTPC Raspberry Pi 3 from RetroPie, on which I only use Kodi anyway, to LibreELEC 10. Immediately started experiencing crashing just browsing, especially when viewing TV shows. I’m using it in conjunction with a Jellyfin server, so I thought it might have been caused by the Jellyfin addon for Kodi. […]

  • The Perfect HTPC?

    Update 2021/02/12Unfortunately, it’s not a suitable HTPC. It doesn’t support CEC, and that will rule it out for many people. The fan noise is also a bit of a concern, but I find that at typical TV viewing it didn’t bother me. It is, however, a very good emulation machine. Chuwi is currently running a […]