LibreELEC 10, Raspberry Pi and Crashing

So, I recently switched my HTPC Raspberry Pi 3 from RetroPie, on which I only use Kodi anyway, to LibreELEC 10. Immediately started experiencing crashing just browsing, especially when viewing TV shows.

I’m using it in conjunction with a Jellyfin server, so I thought it might have been caused by the Jellyfin addon for Kodi. Some research seem to indicate that this could be related to the creation and/or display of thumbnails. I found this post. Tried using the method first, which did not work for me. The second method, i.e. adding dtoverlay=cma,cma-512 to /flash/config.txt, did.

The /flash partition is read-only, so to modify it we’ll need to follow these instructions.






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