Author: tzin

  • LibreELEC 10, Raspberry Pi and Crashing

    So, I recently switched my HTPC Raspberry Pi 3 from RetroPie, on which I only use Kodi anyway, to LibreELEC 10. Immediately started experiencing crashing just browsing, especially when viewing TV shows. I’m using it in conjunction with a Jellyfin server, so I thought it might have been caused by the Jellyfin addon for Kodi. […]

  • Working with Ancient Network Equipment (or: Getting Around Old SSL and TLS Versions)

    Why? At work, I recently had to dig out an old NETGEAR SRX5308 ProSAFE Quad WAN Gigabit SSL VPN Firewall (that’s a mouthful) for a very specific scenario (try shotgunning four LTE modems). Problem was, no modern browser can access the web management page due to the ancient SSLv3 standard without changes to the default […]

  • Ubiquiti Device Discovery Tool Outdated As Hell

    Last release was in 2017. It fails with modern Java installations. “A Java Exception has occurred.” Pretty opaque message. Installing an old version of Java is probably not a good idea, security-wise. So what to do? Here’s how I solved it. Pretty poor show, Ubiquiti.

  • The Perfect HTPC?

    Update 2021/02/12Unfortunately, it’s not a suitable HTPC. It doesn’t support CEC, and that will rule it out for many people. The fan noise is also a bit of a concern, but I find that at typical TV viewing it didn’t bother me. It is, however, a very good emulation machine. Chuwi is currently running a […]

  • Android Emulators and Hyper-V for fun and profit

    There are various reasons to enable Hyper-V on Windows 10 installs especially for developers. Tools like Docker and WSL 2 require it. One hurdle though, especially for gamers like myself, is that the Android emulators designed for gaming were not compatible with Hyper-V. The official Android emulator does support Hyper-V, but it is pretty awkward […]